Deluca Music Academy February Newsletter

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 Creating Musicians for over 50 Years!

 Here are some pics from our Winter Recital!

Deluca Music Academy is excited to report our talented students had a very successful recital at Buxmont UU Fellowship on December 11th.  Each student performed beautifully and made us proud here at the Academy. We are looking forward to our spring student jam! Details in upcoming newsletters.


Chryssa is an 8th grade student at Tamanend Middle School and a clarinet student at Deluca Music Academy with instructor Jack Saint Clair. We asked Chryssa to answer some questions about herself.  Here is what she shared with us:

1. What is your favorite subject in school?     Art
2. What are you currently working on in your music lessons?  Wind ensemble music
3. Who is your favorite composer? Mozart and his clarinet concertos
4. What is your favorite food? Tacos
5. Why do you study clarinet?  My favorite part of lessons is getting better at the clarinet
6. What is your goal for the year?  To get straight A’s

WOW!! We are impressed Chryssa – thank you for being such a great DMA student!  Students who take music lessons excel in school and you are proof of that.

Please welcome our new students

Ryan S.                                               Briana M.
Michael L.                                           Sophia P.
Hannah P.                                           John C.
Anthony V.                                         Andrea A.
Emily B.                                              Nicole N.
Dawn S.                                              Deryn G.
Paul L.                                                Valerie P.
Jose V.                                                Abigail M.
Susanne K.                                         Mathew S.
Tyler A.                                              Michael M.
Dax C.                                                 Lilith S.
Ava D.                                                 Patrick T.
Peyton S.                                            Aidan M.
Melanie M.                                         Rheece E.
Carter K.                                            Aidan G.
Alexis B.                                             David D.
Ava K.                                                 Marc R.


All students receive a 10% discount on all accessories.

If you like your teacher…refer a friend and you will receive a $25 gift card to Target, Amazon or Regal Cinema.

Deluca Music Academy
56 S. York Rd. Hatboro PA 
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