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DMA Winter Recital!

Check out all these young superstars that participated in our 2018 Winter Recital! Thanks to the hard work of students and teachers as well as the ongoing support of all of our proud DMA parents, our recital was a roaring success! The students took the stage to strut their stuff on piano, guitar, voice, violin, saxophone, clarinet, flute and drums. Our students are so inspired and creative! Thanks to their diverse choice in repertoire, our audience of over 150 students, friends and family enjoyed a program which included traditional Christmas carols, folk songs, selections from musicals both classic and contemporary as well as original compositions and rock covers. We are excited that so many of our students chose to perform; for this round, we had stage representation by students from 13 of our 18 studios!
If you would like to perform in our Spring Recital, let your teacher know you are interested.

For more pictures from the recital please visit our Facebook Page
We will be posting them daily!

Please welcome our new students

Deluca Music Academy is growing every day! We’d like to extend a special DMA welcome to our newest musicians!

Brielle P.                                     Jake H.
Lila S.                                          William D.
Logan S.                                      Leah S.
Grace B.                                      Caroline D.
Essan H.                                     Charles V.
Matthew S.                                 Jeanne M.
Zach G.                                        Ken L.
Alyssa C.                                      Eric K.
Claire R.                                      Evan C.
Adrienne R.                                Michael M.
Giuana G.                                    Avry D.
Karlee P.                                      Matt W.
Molly E.                                       Illya P.
Danny B.                                     Emily D.
Ian B.                                           Peter B.
Gideon S.                                    Greg D.
Amare C.

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Don’t forget!

Inclement Weather Announcements will be posted on the Deluca Music Academy Facebook page! (…and emailed/texted to you by your teachers.)
* If you have a lesson which is scheduled AFTER Deluca Music (retail store) is closed, simply go around to the back, park for FREE and use the back stairwell to access the academy which is still open! 
*Feb.2– Ground Hog Day! Stop by the shop or academy… then do it again! 
*Feb. 19– Washington’s Birthday! Enjoy some cake from Lochel’s and then come share your celebratory sweets with us, we’ll be here!
Deluca Music Academy
56 S. York Rd. Hatboro PA 
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