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DMA July Newsletter

Musical Ladder System

Here at Deluca Music Academy, we are always looking for ways we can improve your lesson experience and give our students more.

The one thing we have learned as a teaching facility for over 50 years is that parents want to know ‘more’ about how their child is doing.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve joined up with a national music lesson award system call the Musical Ladder System®

This is a proven system that helps students get excited about music and helps keep parents ‘informed’ as to how they are doing.

Similar to karate belt tests, every 3 months or so your teacher will schedule a test for you or your child. If the students passes the test they will receive one of these really cool wristbands for their level. They also get a certificate of achievement.
This program has been proven for years to bring a smile to parents and students and we’re very excited about enhancing your music lesson experience.
At certain levels they also get personazlied trophies with their name on it.

Lastly, later this year, once everyone is up to speed and has had a few tests we will be launching the Musical Ladder System® Parent/Student Portal so you can log in online and see when the next test is, recital, send notes to your teachers, review past lesson notes and more!
This will take parent communication to the next level!
The best part?  It’s all FREE for you our valued client.

Most karate schools charge their clients $50.00 per test.  PER test!

However, all of your wristbands, trophies, certificates and online account are all FREE and part of your tuition.

We’re working hard to give you more so please send us your feedback on the system, and it’s time to start climbing the Musical Ladder!

Student Of The Month : DENNIS VOGEL

Dennis is going into the 3rd grade this year at  Upper Moreland Intermediate School.  He has been studying saxophone with Mark Henkels for the past 5 months and has been working in the Rubank Elementary Method Book and also working on Happy Birthday to play for his sister on her birthday which is coming up soon.  Dennis is currently taking diving lessons as well (which by the way is much more dangerous than Saxophone!)

What is your favorite food?

It’s a tie between spaghetti and pizza

What is your favorite subject?

Math and Reading

How about your favorite book?

Diary of a Wimpy Kid series

Do you have a favorite band?

Maroon Five!

Please welcome our new STUDENTS

Lisa H.            Lyuda P.
Jeff G.             Beth M.
Burt S.            Fal M.
Luke M.         Tyler V.
Katie R.


Check with your teacher for your upcoming test date for the Musical Ladder System.

If you like your teacher…refer a friend and you will receive a $25 gift card to Target or Regal Cinema.

Remember to use your 10% student discount on all accessories.

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