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dma june news

student jam 5.0 spring 2016

Congratulations to all the DMA students that performed at the Student Jam 5.0 on Sunday May 22nd.   We had some wonderful performances this Spring.  Our next Student Jam recital will be in early December.  This is an event that all students should take advantage of.  It’s a great opportunity to play in front of a very friendly audience.  Be sure to mention to your teacher if you are interested in performing in our next Student Recital.

deluca music academy picture day

Please pick up your photo from your teacher at your next lesson. For those of you who were not able to make our Free student picture day, we will have another one coming up in December.
Sign up will start in November.  Please be sure to not miss this one.

important dates coming up

Monday July 4th – Closed

Please welcome our new students

Sarah H.      Miles L.
Nadina N.    Finn M.
Julia K.        Asher K.
Michael A.   Jacob B.
Gavin E.       Fred K.
Brody H.      Matthew W.
Julia P.


Please pick up your picture from your teacher if you had your picture taken on picture day.

If you like your teacher…refer a friend and you will receive a $25 gift card to Target or Regal Cinema.

Coming soon – The Musical Ladder System

Remember to use your 10% student discount on all accessories.

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