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DMA February News: Former DMA student update

guitar academyDenise Henkels started her musical life at the age of 5 on piano although like many kids, she started singing shortly after learning to speak.  Listening to her mother, a former professional singer and pianist, sing nursery rhymes to her every night.   In elementary school Denise started getting parts in musicals.  In 4th grade she began studying the flute. She then started studying voice which eventually led her to her first professional singing part at the Walnut Street Theater at the age of 13.  During her high school years Denise added a bit of guitar to her tool chest. (Her guitar teacher, Ken Harmer was also a DMA student starting in 4th grade and is now a music teacher in the Cheltenham School District).
After many great experiences at North Penn High School, including musicals, band, flute ensemble, choir, jazz vespers vocal ensemble, District Choir, and directing, Denise was accepted to the Westminster Choir College in Princeton NJ which she attended as a Musical Theater/Voice major.  After a year at Westminster she decided to make a change in direction and major in Music Education at West Chester University.  Upon graduating we were fortunate to have Denise here at DMA as a vocal and piano instructor for a while until her journey took her back to Westchester where she taught music at Henderson High School.  Since then, she transferred to East Bradford Elementary School teaching music full time.  Denise is still very involved in musicals in the Westchester School system.  This past week she not only directed the vocalists in Henderson High’s production of Cinderella, she also played flute, alto flute, and piccolo in the orchestra pit.
I guess the point of this article is to just give a glimpse into how rich one’s life can become with the gift of music and how many more lives can receive the same gift from a little 5 year old girl.

Three quick tips for consistent practicing:

1.  Set your instrument on a stand (in a safe place) where it is easily accessible.  If your instrument is in place that is highly visible and easy to just pick up and play, you will be more likely to pick it up and start playing.  Sounds obvious but I’ve known of students that kept there instrument under their bed…Out of sight, out of mind.

2.  Get in a routine of practicing each day at the same time.  Now this may not be possible every day to practice at the exact same time, but perhaps it could be done before or after dinner or after you complete your homework.   You will create greater results by practicing for just a short period (20-30 minutes) every day than you will from a large chunk of time once a week.  It’s all about being consistent

3.  Have a goal to be completed by the end of the week.  If you have something to work towards, you are more likely to be motivated to get some practice time in.  There is only one way to get better….Practice!

Please welcome our new students
Stephanie L.     Bill K.
Joseph C.          Dennis V.
Haily M.            Alex D.
Zak R.               Kyle S.
AJ M.                Erin M.
Macei W.

Please check with your teacher about playing in the upcoming DMA recital in the Spring.  Now is the time to get ready!

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