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Should your child go to college for a degree in music?

In our last newsletter we had an article about a former student who is now a music teacher in the Westchester School district.  She went to college for music, but are there other reasons for majoring in music?  The short answer is…maybe!

Many students decide to major in music because they enjoy music and think it would be an easy way to get through college and not have to study subjects such as math and science for instance.
These are not good reasons!  Music studies at the college level are intense.  First of all, if you are going to major in music you must be able to pass classical or jazz audition requirements.  In most cases this takes months and sometimes years of preparation.  You will also have to have decent sight reading skills and a basic knowledge of theory.

The main reason to major in music is to be a music teacher.  To teach in the public school system you must have a degree in music education and pass the state Praxis exam and become certified to teach music.  Otherwise a music degree is almost worthless.  After playing literally thousands of gigs, I have never once been asked for my degree.
Anything you learn in a music school can be learned by studying privately.  Yes, it does make it convenient to have everything in one place such as theory classes, ear training, composition, and ensemble work.  But all of these elements of a good musical education can be accomplished without ever setting foot in a college.  I believe it would be much more beneficial to major in a subject that has practical applications in the real world.  If you go to a school that has an excellent music program, you could audit classes, study privately with teachers, and even play in the ensembles at a fraction of the cost.  If you are good enough, some schools even pay you to play in an ensemble if it is not your major.

If you do want to major in music, make sure your teacher knows so they can prepare you.


Student of the Month:  Aiden Pettine

Aiden has been studying guitar and drums with Mitch Truen


1.  What are your  working on with your teacher?

Blues, pentatonic scales, and major scales.

2.  Why did you decide to start studying guitar?

I thought it would be fun and I could do better.

3.  What’s your favorite subject in school?

Social Studies

4.  What is your favorite food?

French Toast

5.  What is your main goal for this year?

To continue to get better as a player.

6.  Who is your favorite group or artist?

Led Zeppelin.



Important dates this month:

May 22nd

-Student Jam 5.0 – Buxmont UU Fellowship Hall, Warrington.

May 30th

-Memorial Day – Closed

Please welcome our new students

Erin M.              John H.
Ashley S.          Mia F.
Jonathan D.      Kenneth B.
Chris C.             Sam H.
Nicholas F.        Anthony F.
Morgan M.         Madelyn W.


Please check with your teacher about playing in the upcoming DMA Student Jam 5.0 on May 22nd

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